I am a professional writer and a budding photographer bundled into one, an SEO expert (thanks to my content writing work experience of 5+ years) and a social media enthusiast.

I like to travel with an open mind. Often bloggers overlook famous tourist spots and stray away from doing the common thing. I like to have a mix of both, may be more off beat than touristy, but how can you do justice to a place without tasting its real flavor? Can we ever imagine a trip to India without a mandatory stop at Taj Mahal?

I like to hold a two-way communication with my readers and not give them a download about a place complete with travel instructions. Travel, after all, is what you make of it. Every experience is unique and no two people will have the same memories of the same destination! I give my readers the possibilities and the freedom of choice.

My blog and social network is dominated with all things outdoor in a given place. To me, life always happens outside. I am a believer of natural things and strongly promote the importance of connecting with your surroundings for a more mindful travel experience.


Benefits of Working with Me

  • I work very hard to deliver a destination to my readers so that they can learn from my first hand experiences.
  • Through my social media channels, I will readily promote all the travels to my engaged audience real time, as well as through a dedicated blog
  • With years of being in corporate environment, much to my dislike, I have learned the power of being professional and honest towards my work. You will get the best of both worlds, aesthetics of a wanderer and competence of a professional.
  • I have been in the professional content writing industry for 5+ years, my articles have been featured in popular magazines and I also write for online US publications on the side. This means that I have pretty good handle on SEO and its workings.
  • I like to learn from my experiences and collaborators. Your feedback will be taken in high spirits!


Partner with Me

I have been traveling for 4 years and have loved every second of it. I will continue to pay for my own travels from my own hard earned money. But if you have something interesting that aligns with my travel goals, then I am happy to work with you and take your travel message across the board to my audience.

I am an outdoor traveler, so if what you have is unique, “Into The Wild” sort of experience, I can work with you through partnerships and sponsorships. I am also open to collaborate with tourism boards to showcase a travel destination in a unique light of outdoor travel.


For more information, you can write to me at:


I look forward to work with you!